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What is Lava?
Lava is a minecraft server implementation for Forge mods and Spigot mods for 1.12.2. Sponge has come out for this type of implementation, but there is no updated way to use bukkit plugins on it. This also will be constantly updated when Forge or Spigot is updated. We also will not have game-breaking issues much like this type of implementation's 1.7.10 counterpart.

We hope to eliminate all issues with craftbukkit + forge servers. In the end, we envision a seamless, low lag Spigot and Forge experience.

Advantages over other implementations:
  • Lag-lowering optimizations
  • Better world protection (Forge stuff doesn't bypass Bukkit plugins but rather works with it!)
  • Full use of all Spigot plugins and Forge mods (*Disclaimer the plugin/mod creator may have to make a version specifically for Lava for it to work)
  • Hyperthreaded performance

What doesn't work / needs to be fixed?
*If you find a plugin or mod that doesn't work, please open an issue or let us know on the discord*

  • Cross version Spigot plugins using NMS (*Probably wont get fixed for a while*)
  • Some NMS properties may not be mapped correctly, thus unable to be accessed normally
  • Quark and some other mods that heavily modify the vanilla code
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